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“Always thorough job. Very professional." Barbara B

"Always an amazing experience !" Alonna G.

“Very thorough hair and wellness screening analysis." Esther L.

"Kisha is amazing!  Very professional.   She sat me down and explained to me what was going on with my hair and why I experience dry and brittle hair.  Afterwards, she put me on a plan and I can definitely tell a difference.  My hair has grown significantly and it no longer is dry and minimal shedding too.  I love also how the hair clinic is private and a one on one setting so I was able to speak freely without being embarrassed. I highly recommend this hair clinic if you are experiencing hair problems." Chandra B.

"The service was good. I had a headache before you washed my hair and the headache was gone with good massage you did for me. Thank you so much. I wish you good health and long life." Joky O.

"I really enjoyed my time at Konfident Hair Clinic.  The service and treatments she provides are specifically tailored to me and my needs.  I really felt heard and understood.  Since I've been working with Kisha, my hair has really grown.  Highly recommend this hair clinic."  Najah G.

"Kisha is a blessing! I love the way she cares for my hair." Tracy M.

"Communication with client was excellent." Katherine T.

"Loved my experience will definitely be back." Timika B.

"This is the place to be if you are looking for quality hair restoration, hair health, and a positive atmosphere.  Konfident Hair Clinic is special because it is a place of therapy for the mind, body, and soul.  Kisha has music that speaks to the frequency of your spirit, she has homeopathic remedies that nourish you, and she has all natural products that will heal you of damaged hair and scalp.  Please give this place a try and remember that health is wealth." Shawn C.

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